Welcome to the website of the Mount St Helens Creation Center. To find out all the latest information on the center, please use the navigation menu.

Opening Hours

The Creation Center is open at our new location, from 9am through 5pm, Monday through Saturday – except for excursions and conferences. (See Calendar for details)

Our new location is: 147 Front Ave NW, Castle Rock, WA 98611 (the former Exhibit Hall).


News: Early Closures and East Side Update:


The Center will be closed all day on Friday August 4th 2017, and open all day on Saturday August 5th 2017.

New Scheduled West Side Excursion

We will be hosting an extra excursion on the popular West Side of the volcano on Monday August 14th 2017. Please contact us to book yourselves in – (360)-274-5737

East Side

I have been informed that the East Side of Mount St Helens may be opened for the middle of August. As soon as I get definite news on this, I will schedule an East Side excursion. So, watch this space!

West Side and South Side excursions are still ongoing.

This is a small family-run ministry. Our telephone number is: